2 Things That Every Business Needs To Know

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The gateway to your success is equal to your ability to erase the preconditioning and perceptions you have that don’t really serve you.

Ditch the business plan and opt to create a business that makes you money and fuels your soul.

Stimulate and activate those feelings of desire, that desire will lead you to your destiny, which is by choice and by design. That’s not to say you don’t need a plan… actually let’s rephrase that. You need flow, traction and momentum, but before that happens, you need to know why.

Your why is the most overlooked element in business, most coaches don’t teach it and most business owners don’t delve deep enough. Once you discover this and I am not talking about your “passion” or “purpose” where you skim over your backstory and bio and trust me when I say it isn’t big enough, strong enough and aligned enough to keep you going for the long haul. I am talking about the why that will rock you to your core, shake up your adrenalin, get your heart racing and make your soul sing.

Natural rhythms and the state of awareness that this brings you also gives you clarity around, what you’re really selling, why you really need to be doing this and how you will stop at nothing in order to serve your tribe. It will give you a clear understanding around everything you do, so you not only have a purpose but every ACTION you take has an aligned purpose.

This changes EVERYTHING!

It is the gateway into the very thing that is going to build your bank balance and change your client’s life forever and everyone they come into contact with… This is the ripple effect of juicy goodness and absolute brilliance.

When you’re just starting out in business and especially now with social media it’s kinda like you’re in the middle of the Wall St and everyone is waving their hands at you. They mean well, but not all advice is created equal because they are loaded with their perceptions, their experience and their tribe’s journey. None of it belongs to you in any way. On the other hand you’re searching the web for hours on end looking at what everyone else doing and all it does is make you question everything you’re doing.

The internet is full of noise, we know that. But why do we still model our businesses off everyone else depending on who is the favourite at the time?

The sales funnel you create must fit in with the lifestyle you want to live, it must be of the most amazing value and service to your tribe, it needs to flow like a beautiful infinite waterfall. It needs to make sense, be aligned with you and your tribe and for the love of god make it UNIQUE.

Without step one (the why), step two CAN NOT happen to it’s full potential!

The experience you give your tribe is everything, embrace your quirks, your uniqueness and what makes you… you, because a personality rich business will resonate in the hearts of your audience, you are no longer selling because it’s this seamless existence of you delivering everything they need just as they need it. There is a level of trust and confidence that is a divine reflection and mirror about the clarity, integrity and certainty in the journey you are taking them on, because that is what is within you.

This can not happen if you aren’t marching to your own drum.

Everything changes, everything.

  • Crystal clear clarity
  • You can articulate what you do in a way that sparks curiosity and intrigue
  • You attract clients who rock your world and you rock theirs.
  • Laser sharp and clear strategies around everything you do.
  • You’re confident in your direction and the journey you’re taking your tribe on.
  • You don’t have to worry about scouring the internet for what everybody else is doing because you are fully empowered and happy with what and where you’re going.
  • It feels good because you’re giving yourself the freedom to be you and you are owning who you are.

It is a succulent embodiment of your divine self and your are igniting that in others….. Stop and feel that for a second…. Wowsa that feels good doesn’t it?


Find out how YOU can experience this and enjoy everything that unfolds….

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