The Change & Evolution Of The Universal Laws.

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Five years ago I changed the narrative of my business and started really exploring how to serve and show consciously in business and life.

Prior to that I was all business, blogging and personal development.

The Universal Laws happened to me and it changed everything, e v e r y t h i n g.

What felt like over night, however knowing that it had been brewing in me for years there was a shift where I realised that we are governed by anything that is man made.

I’d been absorbing every spiritual book, seminar and workshop I could get my hands for well over a decade and yet this was something else.

After learning, studying and embodying the Hermetic Universal Laws I began to teach them, and how we can apply them to business and life.

For some reason I was always drawn to the mutable laws and not so much the immutable ones. To be honest, I wondered how something so obvious like the Law Of Gender could possibly change was beyond me.

How the Law Of Polarity could transcend into something that is as dualistic has happy and sad, rick and poor, pain and pleasure.

The Law of Truth… now of course this is forever changing, I’ve always known this to be true and yet this too has an unfolding that was beyond my compensation until now.

I feel like I have come home.

This place that I have always known and yet forgotten for a while.

This narrative is now entering into a frequency that no one ever predicted and it is being co-created as we speak, by our thoughts, our action and our evolution.

We are at a point in time, dear one where we have to step beyond everything we think we know and into that which is so much greater. You see, on the plane that is way beyond this one, the one we are moving to and preparing for right now, doesn’t know, experience or even understand these things like, duality, polarisation, truth or gender because these are ALL man made.

We are moving into a frequency that is way more sophisticated and expansive and infinite than that!

In your heart of hearts you know this to be true.

These things cannot be taught, but experienced.

The ascension that exists in experiencing polarising feeling at the same time is our evolution and calling right now.

This is a super state of consciousness on earth that I assume very few will understand right now, but those of you who do will feel this rising within you now.

There is limited time, energy and resources at this time on earth and we must synchronise our capacity to expand this container and stop trying to fly solo, because this transfiguration is based on our ability to see beyond our personal agendas and seek union.


Reconciliation of our soul body, physical body and mind body, focus on bringing them into harmony.


There is a call coming and this unfolding will become crystal clear.


For your evolution awaits you.