Change Your Story & You Change Your Life

renee mayne

You know that feeling when you think why the frig is my life, not changing and I’m still attracting this crap in my life?

Change your story Renée, change your story…I remember thinking when things were really crap in my life and I thought “You have two choices you can get over it and move on or you can wallow in your own self pity and go down Blame St everyday”

I thought I was getting over it…taking the first option.

What I realised was this shit doesn’t go away, even if you bury it deep within and it’s never to be spoken about again…it has a way of coming to the surface like a tsunami. It’s GOT to come out. So you have two choices…deny it and bury it so it then manifests into something bigger and uglier or change you story.

I realise that when I was getting beaten and abused my biggest fear was not the next beating, but me living this life forever and not the one I had always dreamed about when I was girl…

I was a girl who had big dreams, I am going to change the world, entertain people and make a difference. The world was going to know my name and it was all going to happen with ease and grace, effortlessly and deliberately. That girl was connected and she knew exactly what she wanted and was defiant in getting it.

Then I gave away my power…I thought I didn’t have a choice but I know now that we always do. To that girl I say: Don’t let others determine or undermine your brilliance for it is their pain and their fear. You are this rich light of pure radiance and the world will still know your name. Don’t let the fear and the doubt cripple you, feel the fear and let it go because it does not serve you. Don’t look for others to complete you for that will never happen, the shame you feel because of the secret life you live does not belong to you. It is not yours to carry; you can let it go because the world will still know your name.

The moment comes when I change my story, I say enough, this cannot happen anymore because I am worthy. The freedom and bountiful love of self-expectance fills my soul and fuels my passion to make a difference to the world, entertain people because the world is going to know my name. It’s something grand and something great and there is breathtaking beauty around everything I do because everything is amplified now and I feel like I have never felt before because I am enough…

I am Renée Mayne and worlds going to know my name because life is bountiful, brilliant, breathtaking, benevolent and beautiful…just like me and just like you. I have the launched the biggest, most gigantic rockets of desire that brings us absolute joy so we can be, feel and live….imagine the possibility.