Changing The Face Of Australia.

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I am really looking forward to the day when media don’t define people by their size, religion, ability, gender or ethnicity.

When good news stories of a country uniting to help each other is not headlined by someone or something that is outside a really out-dated box makes news.

Than I know we have evolved as a society.

Than I know we have an accurate representation of diversity and we are inclusive of all people.

When this is reflected on our screens, marketing, advertising and not just as a good news story or a good will gesture, but is genuinely reflected everywhere.

For years I was immersed in lingerie, what started out of frustration because I couldn’t find a bra to fit me turned into something much bigger…

It became more than just a bra; it became a movement of self-acceptance.

Something that we can put on every morning to make ourselves feel good, every body has the birth right to love themselves and feel included, not like we don’t fit in.

In a world where we love to label and box everything and everyone, it’s time we smash the box and erase the labels because they are not doing anyone any favours.

All our scars, the ones you can’t see and the ones you can, may they unite us and bring us together.

May they make us feel less alone and excluded, and more included and loved.

May we respect people’s past and heritage and lean into them, not disregard them.

May we respect the land we walk on and honour those before us.

May we stop shaming people for being different and honour their courage to be themselves.

May we look through our eyes and see love in all it’s forms.

May we continue to embrace and learn in order to adapt and grow together as one.

May it begin with self.




Image respect to Lizzo, Sikh Volunteers Australia and ABC.