Clearing Your Space To Stay On Path

Space clearing old energy

As we start to see a shift in energies, Mother Earth and all the beings on it is going through major releasing’s. Hence the bazaar weather patterns, as we release the old thought patterns of the past and move into a higher frequency. You will begin to see and feel more, for people who are not ready to for this shift you may start to notice that they are aging, getting sick or they might be experiencing outbursts of anger, fear or even rage. For these people they may have to end this life experience for it will be too much for their physical body’s. It will be determined by where or not they can stay in their heart center and be a soul seeker.

Now is the time to meditate, write and use your emotional guidance system to stay on path. Create a sacred space in your home, cleanse it, remove old energy and set a clear intention about what you want to experience in your house.


Space clearing

  1. Do a spring clean
  2. Burn sage
  3. Put on some space clearing music (you can find this on You Tube)
  4. Walk around your home with a saucepan and wooded spoon and bang out any lingering energy.
  5. You can also get a professional space clearing that can transform the energy in your home.