Crazy Stupid Love & Living Fearlessly

Crazy Stupid Love & Living Fearlessly


I gave up the need to be perfect a long time ago, the layers around perfect are wrapped up in all sorts of ridiculous. Perhaps it was when I gave up the nine to five rat race where you live most days with blinkers on.

I want AM living fearlessly in a way that feels divine to my very soul.

You see, when I get up in the mornings I want to smile at the world and say “Thank you thank you thank you”, I spend time being still to connect my mind body and spirit. I listen to the guidance that is there to help me in my journey; I feel the day ahead and create what it’s going to look like in a way that feels good.

When I come out and greet my girls, we hug and I say “Hello my beautiful girl, how did you sleep?” When I kiss them goodbye as we part with “be amazing today.” I move my body and walk as I am surrounded by nature that I am lucky enough to enjoy everyday. I feel the hot water against my skin as I get to enjoy a shower, I moisturise my body and love the way my skin feels against my clothes.

I get to play all day and it is a divine mix of creating, writing, mentoring and serving others in a way that exceeds anything they ever thought possible.

I want my life to mean something.

When my beautiful man walks in the door and I feel his lips against mine, I get lost in his eyes for second as we just enjoy that moment. As I prepare dinner the girls sit with me at the kitchen counter as they tell me about their day. We enjoy a divine meal together and enjoy the conversation, I get to kiss my girls goodnight as they enter into a beautiful sleep so they can rest their little bodies. I share a cup of tea with the love of my life as we talk about our day, we laugh, we connect and sometimes we fight, and that’s OK to. Because most importantly we grow fearlessly, we love fearlessly and we get to be in the moment whatever it happens to be. When I lay in bed I feel the love in my heart and give thanks for the day.

It’s the small things in our day that make moments. Live wholeheartedly- Wide-awake. 

You can have the vision, have the plan, but it’s what you do in your every day that makes the difference to your happiness. The outcome is done, fate has determined that, but whether or not you enjoy the journey…. That’s up to you.