The Cross Pollination Of The Ego & Eco Centric World

cross pollination of the ego and the eco centric world

The cross pollination of the ego and the eco centric world we live in and how it’s rotting at our very core.

Most of the population earns a living in non inspiring jobs, live in massive debt that will take a lifetime to pay off, sending kids to schools they can’t really afford, working for someone who thinks money is the driver of the world, that determines success, and there is no real genuine desire to see the importance of employees’ well being.

Farmer’s working from dawn to dusk putting their blood, sweat and tears into their crops, livestock and dairy we consume. Tears they don’t actually shed because that is for the weak, for women and definitely not for them. While fighting off suicidal thoughts and trying to keep the mental illness at bay, praying that the weather gods will be on their side this season.

Our monetary system has been built on a foundation of greed, destruction and scarcity that has been passed down in our bloodlines and in our conditioning.

The food we consume has been grown and produced from unrecognised, unappreciated and for the most part unhappy people.

Our entire eco-system is decaying by the very moment, as are we.

Heart disease, cancer, mental illness and every other dis-ease has been circling, prowling and being the predator that it is. The earth being abused depleted and used of every resource possible.

An ancient proverb says, “Only when the last tree has died and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught will we realise that we can’t eat money.”

What are doing and how do we move forward?

We change our monetary system.

We build a social enterprise.

Our big gazillion dollar companies create a culture that is based on well-being, selfless exemplary service and not greed.

We work through our old money beliefs and rewire our mind to one of collaboration, abundance and a united mutual respect.

Our food chain is recognised, cared for and financially respected by the supermarkets.

We stop polluting our minds and start cross pollinating the ego with our mind, body and spirit.

Where we deem nothing (no thing) as wrong and right.

Deluding ourselves thinking that we can change habits that were built over decades believing they can be broken and reformed in 28 days.

It can be done, but it takes time.

Change the intention of how we use money and food as a form of insulation, from disconnecting the inside to the outside and transforming it into an infusion of connection and flow, embracing the warmth and cold, the pain and pleasure and honouring who we are as we are.

We do this and we automatically care for the world and the future will take care of itself and we get to live in integrity, pride and honour.


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