A Dance With Inner Strength


Life can change in a single moment and we have NO CONTROL over it and yet it can impact our lives in a massive way.

Pinch me moments have many facets.

My dance and word on inner strength.

To access inner strength with self-honour, purity and allowance is to know that we cannot bypass emotions and be positive.

We can be positive and not access inner strength.

We can be negative and be positive at the same time.

To sit with both of these emotions at once feels foreign because we really want to bypass the crap bits.

Like Monopoly.

You can’t get to the affluent final stretch and not experience all other sides of the board.

You can travel around the board and you’re game plan is always on the crap bits, the cheap streets.

Cheap streets can be amazing, but it really does depend on our how you see these.

Affluent streets aren’t always what we perceive them to be and sometimes they are more.

Most of the stretch is based upon the middle stretch and that’s cool, more middle class can mean we are getting closer to unity… but I digress.

It depends on where your head is, what your game plan is and how you see the board. Allowing yourself to experience all of it, not judging it and allowing it to move through you.

My point is we must have the courage to meet our fear.

To hear ourselves and be heard.

To hold ourselves.

To not be naïve in thinking we can bypass anything.

To honour the dance between fear and love.

To trust ourselves enough to know that all our feelings have the right to be heard.

What happens around us than is a reflection of our internal world, self responsibility and use this for further reflection.

No wrong, no right.

Not being so caught up in ourselves during the dance so much that we become out of tune with the sequence.

Knowing that we might be longing for a direct line of sincere validation for other people, but allowing you to give that to yourself is really the game plan, or it should be.

Fear reacts in defence and that can have a variety of appearances.

Love responds with non-judgmental grace.

Letting yourself grieve, let go and find yourself in these moments is finding yourself again and again, from heart space to heart space, soul to soul.

When we choose love, we don’t have to suffer.

It’s really only then we can truly show, be, have and access authentic inner strength.