The Dark Mystic You Hide.

renee mayne

There is so much juiciness in our darkness,

It’s mysterious,

It’s scary,

It feels deep and unknown,

It feels edgy.

I spent such a long time being the good girl I love to feel edgy, mysterious and naughty. It’s fun.

I feel like I want to bite, play, explore and prowl the edges of desire and hunger.


We can also shun it,

Shame it,

Try and hide it,

Suppress it.


Fuck that,


It’s too sexy not to share,

Relish in.

Let it fill you up.


It’s that part that makes you, you!


You feel like it’s too much, too ugly, too naughty, too shameful, too weak and too self-indulgent?

It’s the sexiest, most glorious superpower we have!

It’s why men spent centuries being afraid of us!

What web are you casting?

Who are catching and tying up in your web?

Who are you tantalising?


Allowing this life force to run through veins is the most divine way to live and feel alive.