Debunking My Truth About Business Coaches And Mentors.

soulful business menotring

The more you look the more you find, the more you research the more confused you become. The sea of noise can be deafening.

I am going to be absolutely honest with you, is that OK?

Something I have always said is “Know what your competitors are doing and forget about them. The more time you spend thinking about them, the less time you spend on your own business.”

When you are starting up, changing your sales funnel or rebranding we tend to go on this hunting spree to see what everybody else is doing. In this it only brings doubt, uncertainty and it leaves you questioning everything you’re doing. The “Who am I to do this?” creeps in or at least it does for me.

If I am not careful I lose myself in the sea of noise that I see online and on social media…

You know the…

  1. How I Made 6/7 figures in 30 days and how you can too!
  2. Raise Your Profile & Make Millions
  3. Live Your Dream Life
  4. How To Sell Your High End Program
  5. Don’t Sell A High End Program you are committing yourself to a slow expensive useless contract.
Authenticity and heart centred is starting to feel like the new car salesman…

The judgments and ego driven opinionated perceptions are flying around thick and fast, so much so it’s making my head hurt.

Now I honestly couldn’t CARE LESS how much you charge, what your sales funnel is or how you go about your lead generation… If it works for you, great! If it feels aligned to your soul, perfect.

Debunking My Truth About Business Coaches And Mentors. 

Coaches work on a very “real time” basis, do this, do that, set this goal and come back to me next week and we will write another to do list. (Yes, I am generalising and expressing the overall gist)

I am NOT a business coach, why?

It doesn’t sit with me, everything I teach I have done myself, tried and tested it numerous times. To me coaching is doing business is rewind; you’re constantly back peddling to move forward. Can you make money? For sure, get results, absolutely.

At the risk of going out there on a limb I am going to say that business coaches are for people who work IN there business, they want to grow and not too worried or have little desire about making a difference to the world. They (your coach) will have all the textbooks and resources to tell you what you need to do without necessarily having to it themselves.

They know things that I don’t and that is cool. Respect. 

My experience with having a mentor/ coach

I have had mentors and coaches through out my time in business, many of them. Things I have learned…

  1. Values and alignment: You must be 100% aligned with everyone you consult with on your business.
  2. It’s OK to outgrow your coach: It happens.
  3. Contracts: Personally I would NEVER sign a contract for a program that I can’t terminate when I feel to… Doesn’t mean I will, but I want that option.
  4. The keyboard warriors: I have had mentors allow me too opt out of a program and continue to carry my name through mud on social media. That’s not cool. Respect.
  5. Trust that people come to you at the right time. Trust your intuition.
  6. Know what you want guidance on specifically and put it out there.
  7. Know how you learn best, are you an all in person, do you like to be dip feed, to you like one on one time or do you like 24/7 access online without “talking” to the coach/ mentor?

There is no right or wrong here, just what is right for you at the time… and that changes depending on your needs.

How much to pay or how much to charge for coaching and mentoring?

Honestly, it’s as open and endless as the ocean.

Online programs/ memberships: People bag online programs that have no one on one, if it’s aligned with your learning style and your needs. Go for it.

High-end programs: If it gives you the value, the service and meets your needs, go for it. (Be careful of lock in contracts, my personal opinion a coach/ mentor should be confident in their delivery and not need a lock in contract… If you do they work you need to do.)

One off sessions: If you need a flesh out an idea, get some quick advice or you have a specific “thing” you need help with. Go for it. But don’t expect to conquer the world with one session, be realistic about what you want out of it.

Make money in 30 days: Some coaches/ mentors will say if you’re not making money in 30 days, you’re coach isn’t doing their job. I call bull shit. Sure you need to make money and get return on investment and all that, BUT it depends on where you are at in your business. It’s like what I said above about doing business in rewind.

Me as a business mentor and the sea of noise out there?

  1. I am leaning towards Facebook groups less and less because they can make you doubt yourself, they can be cliquey and it is a tsunami of noise.
  1. Don’t look; seriously don’t look at what other people are doing because it can influence you, your values and you speaking your truth. Be a voice not an echo.
  1. Be OK with where you are, whatever and where ever that is, anything else is saying that you aren’t where you’re meant to be and that’s just not true. It’s OK.
  1. It’s OK to make money and want to change the world.
  1. I trust that the right people are drawn to me and vice versa.
  1. Don’t worry about what people might think of you because you will appeal to some and not others. Don’t waste your time trying to please everyone.
  1. If someone or something doesn’t feel right, aligned or makes those hairs stand up on end and not in a good way. Walk away.
  1. I don’t say or talk about $$$ in my marketing and I might lose a lot of people, but I have been doing this a long time and ask yourself, do you want 15 mins of fame or a long vibrant successful business? Plus, it is so 2008.

Anyone can make money, but to create the LIFE that you crave is a whole other level of awesomeness. To create a seamless beautiful flow for you and your tribe is a beautiful thing. To take the time to set yourself up is priceless, train hard to win easy. If you want to change the lives of others in a meaningful way and enjoyable a sustainable business, delve deep and take the time to live your legacy otherwise you’re living your life and spending your days going from rewind to fast forward. That’s not a business, that’s not a life. That’s a job.


I would love your thoughts on this!