Divine Messages On Happiness, Success & More

divine messages from the angels

On Happiness

It is your divine right to receive. Choose happiness light and freedom. Be at one with who you are and allow yourself to shine. We all have the divine available to us in more ways than we can imagine. Be at one with yourself and the universe. For our Fathers and our Mothers bow before us and give us permission, allowance, acceptance and encouragement to walk our divine unique path. Be free dear child, go in peace for you are loved and divinely protected. Go with your inner hearts desires as you align and allow abundance to come.


On Receiving

Dear Child, the spirited one, you must reach for the highest possible thought. Seek the most aligned action and move in that direction. Fear not sacred child because you are taken care of, trust your judgment and remain in flow. This time on earth descends into mayhem, chaos and stress as you feel you should be all things to all people. Take care and nurture yourself first, say no to others is saying yes to yourself. You are receiving everything you need so fear not child, you are exactly where you are meant to be. So be.


On Manifesting

Manifesting is taking that sense of knowing and uniting it with your deepest most sacred knowing that you are worthy of it. The divine knows and has already created it, now just waiting for the divine right time and space to deliver it to you. Detach from the mind as we know it and go deeper into that sacred place where your womb and heart connects. That activates your sacred mind to give you clarity and a heightened awareness of who you are. It’s from this place you manifest and reach the point of attraction.


On Inspiration

Inspiration comes not when we seek it but when we stop and allow our minds to be still. Find gratitude. Joy and comfort for how you are feeling now. Find the love and feel the love that is around you and within you at all times, be in that space. Inspiration finds you, you feel thought and go with it. Let yourself be taken away in that moment of bliss. Start with a thought, a word or a feeling and feel the flow from there. Inspiration is internal happiness that is seeping oozing and free flowing from you.


 On Success

Being successful in one’s career is simple. Your success relies on your ability to remove your ego. That physical need to be better, smarter and faster than anyone else. That physical need to blame others, take your frustrations out on others and not help others be better by helping understand the processes, in fear of the reflection on your own capabilities. As soon as you have the ability to remove ego and judgment and connect within, than you can really be of service to others. Practice the Law OF Abundance than teach, as many people as you can so more will come. Giving and receiving comes in perfect balance. Go forth.