What if your dreams DON’T come true?

Scared of your dream NOT coming true-

What does that look like?

That space of fear “I want this so bad and it would be gut wrenching if this dream didn’t come true.” can be crippling.

That fear, will not go away until you at least explore that dream a little, that thought that has been floating around your head… at least explore what that is, because it does not go away. No matter how much you push it aside, wish it away and pretend it doesn’t exist. It’s still there and it is unwavering.

Trust me when I say “The feeling of you not doing it, is MUCH worse than your dreams not coming true. This control and safety you’re feeling is bottlenecking the flow of your entire life and what that does to your body… isn’t worth it.

I get it, I wanted to believe so bad and so much that I was so scared it wouldn’t come true. What I know realise is, I AM THE DREAM. The dream is the outskirts of the puzzle because the dream changes in every moment.

The thought of not trying and not doing it will eat away at your soul, don’t hide who you are anymore. Don’t be frightened about how people will perceive you, (like I was) because those people will either support you or they drift away… but know that more people who do embrace you for all that you are, will be waiting in the wings.





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