Each Day

Each Day We Make a Choice

Each day I both remember and I forget.

Each day I get a chance to forget who I was yesterday and make a choice about who I want to be today.

Each day when I envy someone else’s shoes mine become a little more uncomfortable.

Each day that I long to be someone else, I forget that I too am the chosen one.


Each day I make a choice…

To feel the wind on my face.

Breathe in my lungs.

Know to remember my purpose.

To walk around in a sometimes seemingly fake world and be real.

To speak my truth

To never defend, explain or apologise for who I am or my truth.

And forgiving those who makes us feel like we do.

To love


To chose courage


Fierce vulnerability


Is business about salvation or solutions?

Generations upon generations being taught that we need to be saviour and leaving bounded web of consciousness that is warped a, disjointed and not united.

Thinking that we know best.

Problems not addressed, not the real ones.


Money exchanged.

Truth still not shared.

Desires not met.


Generations upon generations of natural born care givers.

Generations upon generations of natural born takers.


Privileged people preaching they know the answers without any regard to the path.


A path they haven’t walked.

Solution based business is a bandaid.


A bandaid that we have been applying for decades.



Dumbing ourselves down so we can be seen and heard.

Pumping ourselves up so we can be seen and heard.

Sitting on the fence on things that don’t even matter.

Keeping silent on the things that do.


Warped, disjointed and not united.

Each day we make a choice,


Serving in a way where we create a beautiful thread of the piece of art that you are and always honouring that.

Serving in a way where we guide our clients to receive their own outcomes.

Serving in a way that we honour the path of every soul.

Serving in a way where we don’t pretend to have all the answers.

Serving in a way that promotes YOU DO, you have all the answers and creating the space and holding the space for that to happen.


Anything else is just bandaid.



Let us begin with changing the way we have been hardwired to buy.


discovery of YOUR truth