When a word is holding power over you.

freedom, empowerment and self love

This is a guest post from my amazingly talented and creative friend and colleague Hollie Drake-Brockman from ZZ Totz who is changing children’s lives one puppet at a time. For every puppet she sells she donates to a child in need of some escapism and time to be a child. 


I’ve been hearing a lot lately about “Failing Fast” and that we should all be doing this to take our businesses to the next level.

With a business that’s growing and taking a new step I have been reading, reading, reading and so feel this has been in my face. The trouble is that the word ‘fail’ in itself for me is enough to make my skin crawl and stomach churn. As a visual person when I try to process this failure, I see fire balls and full scale Armageddon! Over the top I know but that’s what a vivid imagination does to you.

It got me thinking – what is failure? What does it look like? What are these events that lead to failure?

And it struck me that they are nothing more than mistakes! Mistakes with a huge emphasis being put on them, but at the end of the day, just mistakes.

Light bulb moment for me = “Really? Only mistakes! Well those I can tackle and have been tackling for the past 3 years.”

What a massive mind shift when I processed something that was starting to hold me back, into something I could identify with and accept, can you believe it even embrace.

So I wanted to share this with you as there may be something that your worrying about, avoiding because even the word alone held power over you.

Is there another way to can look at it, break it down so it doesn’t look that daunting and something you can tackle? Look at it differently and it will no longer hold its power.


Like ‘plan’ but that’s for a whole new day …..