Fall In Love With Life

Fall in love with your life

For the over-thinkers, the suppressers, the pretenders, underwhelmed and the overseers… this is for YOU.

…When I left my abusive life, I avoided the questions for a long time because it wasn’t the right time. I had to get my life in some sort of order; it was one day at a time.

…When my daughter was in hospital when she born with a rare condition, it was one day at a time… It wasn’t the time to ask the big questions.

…When our house flooded and we lost most of our “stuff”, I didn’t ask why. It wasn’t the time.

…When I was so unhappy within my business partnership, but scared to have that conversation with my partner and myself… It was time. I wasn’t doing anyone any favours.

…When I wasn’t sure if the love of my life was in fact my life partner and my twin flame, they are hard fucking conversations. But I can’t live with myself if I don’t ask them, because with every inch of my soul, I believe that that is all we really have… The ability to be honest with ourselves.

I have stared death in the face, lived through beginning of cervical cancer and been so broken that I wanted to die. I realised that unless I stand the fuck up and take responsibility for my life NO ONE was going to save me. I needed to save me.

For me to do that, I needed to be OK with whatever unfolded.

Me, not living my dream.
Me, being alone.
Me, failing in business.
Me, not being able to support my kids.
Me, blaming everyone else for unhappiness OR worse,
Me, pretending I was happy and “OK” when I am NOT…. Because I am scared of the alternative.

Life makes me sad sometimes, you make me sad sometimes and it causes this shift in soul as I ask why?

Why do you not allow yourself to feel, why do you think it is safer and how life is easier when we keep ourselves “busy” so we don’t have to have that conversation?

What is it going to take for you to ask yourself those questions?
Why are not being honest with yourself?
What are you hiding?

And I say that with love. Real. Unconditional love. Because it means something to me that you live with purpose.

Sometimes All the time, we don’t know what is on the other side. We can visualise, forecast, predict and guess, but the truth is we don’t know. What I DO know is those scary as hell conversations, they’re the ones that catapult you to another level of existence and happiness. BUT. We need to be prepared to do the work, ask the questions and LIVE with the answer. With love and integrity.

No hiding.

You can continue to hide, to pretend, to blame and to live with this feeling of what if… You need to know that you will wake up one morning with regret, wonder and wishing that “if only you did that”

What does life MEAN if we don’t live with love, live with truth and live knowing that whatever comes up we will honour that, except that and have unwavering trust that we love ourselves beyond limits to always look within, so we KNOW that if we do that… It becomes without.

Explore what life has given you and be OK with that.

You matter.
You CAN.
You will.

You do that and you fall in love with life.


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