Feeling Stagnant?

If not now, when? Why am I here?

I feel breathless and sometimes I just don’t get it, what gives universe?

Never before have I been so committed, so sure. Sometimes I feel like someone has clipped my wings and shackled me to the ground. I hate that feeling.

Sometimes the roll a coaster of life is too much and when you’re awake the extremes hit you hard and it can happen at lightening speed, several times throughout one day.

The dreams I have a so big, crazy big. But from the bottom of my heart and every inch of my soul I know and believe I was put on this earth to make a difference. Like Oprah, I wonder does Oprah have these days?

I know she does. Everyone does, everyone has too.

I read this quote.

dale carnegie quote


Over the course of the last 4 months I have been working towards big things and while they didn’t pan out like I thought they would there were major shifts, major growth to experience. I took action and I was out on the ledge all “Come on universe! I am here, ready and fully armed with everything. I am ready.”

I was in perfect alignment to receive and I didn’t. What’s with that? What happens when you do take action and the payoff isn’t there, the way you intended it to be?

Your old friends doubt, shame and fear creep back into your energy field. Not this time, I still believe…100%. There is massive growth there.

I had a healing with my girl Ivana and something that came through was “There is always a time of stillness, to be stagnant. We need these times because it gives us the ability to feel, see and connect with others on a very real level.”

It’s OK to be stagnant, to be still. To listen.

We need darkness just as we need light, we need to experience, feel and live all colors of the spectrum… Just as we need to experience all emotions.

When you’re ready to move on and you’re excited to do so, then the universe puts another obstacle in your course, so you don’t have the time to dedicate to this new “thing”… what’s with that universe?

I felt ready and I had an action plan, then my girls were sick and they were 7 days out of action. I felt frustrated, restricted and drained, now I am back, but minus the motivation and conviction I had a week ago. What do you think that meant?

I have a strong sense of knowing, believing and trusting that I am exactly where I am meant to be, I have never appreciated good health like I do right now. The love in my heart for what I do brings a tear to my eye, as I know I am a benevolent thought leader that is about to shake up the spiritual world with a fresh new entity that is real, practical and minus the fluff and the wank factor.

That excites me.

I also read this quote and responded “ I think you need the darkness so you can become beautiful…. actually what if you remembered, knew and believed we are beautiful even when we are in the darkness….”


darkness and light


That’s something to remember.