Filling The Void, In THAT Moment

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Imagine if you could get up with an inner sense of knowing and a feeling of bliss so it fuelled you for the entire day… 

We wake up in the morning and we have the power to be in every moment, to feel every moment. It’s flicking that switch where we long for external “matter” and shift our focus on internal “matter”… that’s what matters… you matter… I matter.

External experiences and things don’t fill the void, just like beauty comes from within so does your happiness. Choose happiness. Choose within.


8 years ago when my beautiful little girl entered this world I had to ask if she was going to live or die. After 9 months of a terrible pregnancy, after 14 hours of grueling labor she was whisked away to have surgery.  No time to heal, no time to think, I was by her side. She was in intensive care and slowly slowly we were weaning her off the array of drugs she was on.  Six weeks later she came home still with a feeding tube in, but she was home. For a long time I didn’t think, I just did. I thought I was in survival mode.

Now I realise I wasn’t, I was in the moment. Because all that mattered was everyday deceasing her medication, we celebrated every dip that was released. Every millimetre of milk she was able to swallow by herself. We weren’t thinking about tomorrow or a year from now, the only thing on our minds was “What do we have to do today to make her better, closer to taking her where she needs to be.”

In everyday life it’s hard to not think about the past and worry about the future, I get that. But. Happiness is being in the moment. Think about when you were happy, you weren’t thinking about anything but what you were feeling right then and there. What is.

Three years ago our house was flooded and we lost… not everything, but a lot. It was than I realised, “ things” don’t matter… happiness was knowing that we were OK and we have everything we need. I was grateful for that.

house flood


Our reality is a reflection of how we’re feeling on the inside and that is only a perception that can be changed in any moment.


Building the intensity of love and happiness from within will build your entire existence, confidence and experience externally. No one can make you feel bad, sad or mad unless you let them. Only you have the key to your soul, value and love yourself enough to say “I am who I am and who I am is awesome.”

In the richness of now you don’t yearn for anything. In the anticipation of what is coming brings us excitement.


You are so loved.