Do You Remember When You Lost…. You?

Renee Mayne younger self

In the beginning there was you, a divine light that was produced out of an act of love. You are born pure love, with a special love for yourself, for anything and everyone.

Then life gets in the way, as we start to notice things around us that don’t seem to make sense. We only ever have a feeling that we trust to be true and use that feeling to guide us through our day, our life. We begin to stop using this feeling and start to be persuaded by our parents and our peers, not really thinking or feeling if it feels right for us.

All of a sudden we are living this existence that doesn’t really feel right for us, and we can’t make sense of it, yet we do it anyway… Do you remember that time when you stopped feeling the love that you were born into this world with?

I do.

It happened when I became so emotionally invested in other people and I forgot to ask one simple question. Does this make me feel good, happy and filled with love? It’s really crazy how young it happens to… it’s even crazier that my girls are the that age right now… the same age that I became so emotionally invested in the closest people to me and the fight for attention and love began. It began with a feeling of not feeling heard, not feeling understood, not feeling loved as I begun to understand that any attention I got came with conditions… conditions that weren’t my own and that would shape my life for decades to come.

These conditions become triggers for us and fuel any sense of love and happiness that we attract…. that we become and in a bizarre twist of fate, they also feed us with a false sense of love and happiness that we are craving.

Gentle reminders that you are still that light are those moments when you feel absolutely free, at peace and you are lost in the moment.

When we are growing up we are told to stop daydreaming… I say let’s bring back daydreaming and let’s master the daydream, because from the bottom of my heart, I know that once we do this, we will start to feel the light and use it as a torch that will shine a light on the best way forward. We become the path, the way forward that is right for us. Daydreaming allows us to create a life, a life where we are happy, fulfilled, on purpose, in love, we are love, we feel alive and we are wealthy and abundant in every way possible.

If we can create it in our minds, we can create it in our life.

Dream it, believe it, achieve it.

The moment that you wholeheartedly realise that you aren’t obligated to do anything for anyone; guilt, shame, fear and struggle are transmuted into empathy and compassion.

Love is love and it does not come with conditions.

Empathy and compassion have no rules or terms and conditions.

There is a time when we need to connect, feel that light and know that all we ever need to do is shine that light as far and as wide as possible. The time is now.

Right now there is you and you deserve love, life, happiness, freedom and abundance.


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