Flying Beyond Our Wings

Flying Beyond Our Wings

Pleasing the pleaser.

Taming the untamable.

Saving the savior


Focusing on the noise so we don’t have to listen to the whispers.


Focusing on the fires

Forgetting that I am the sun.

And the moon.

Stars in the sky.



I am God.


Wondering why the universe isn’t my bitch.

Forgetting I am the universe.


Waiting for a reason,

Forgetting that I don’t need one.

The simple fact that there is call,

A curiousity.

A whisper

Is the reason and the only one you need.

A sign that you are ready to explore more of who you are.


Waiting for a logical reason

Keeps us small

Wondering why we have this call

This call whispering to us that we are God.


Serving until we can serve no more.

So rebellious in disrupting the status quo.

Forgetting we are the status quo.


There is more where that comes from.


It’s the ones that are rippling your feathers.

Rippled edges that are our wings.

Forgetting that we were born to fly.


Fly beyond the edges of our mind

Beyond our vision

Our dreams

Our gifts..


Forgetting that we have gifts.

That we are a gift.


A gift to this world.

Not the wrapping

Not the card

Not even the bow.


Gently scratching

For there is always an itch.

Because we are more than our surface.


A reminder for us to scratch the surface.

Dig deep under the surface

While always loving the surface.

Not discarding any ONE part

For that,

That my friend is disregarding a giant piece of who you are.


Ignoring the whispers is a disgruntled employee.

Employee that you can’t sack.

You can’t hide from

Or ignore.


For you are the adjudicator, the employee, the carefree unbound spirit that is ready to fly, scorched wings and all.


But we can’t be this when we are in the role of the pleaser

The savior

The tamable

Nor the bound.


Off the records


A little bit crazy




And just.

A million things but never attached.


Stake in the ground

Claiming my happiness




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