For The Searchers… The Seekers & The Wanderers.

living life to the fullest

Do you ever feel like you’re constantly searching? Searching for a better way, something more. You’re constantly looking and analysing yourself and your experiences looking for the meaning?

Do you ever wonder why certain people are in your life?

I do.

Why would they say that or do that? I am a nice person.

You feel marginalised and left on the outer circle of life…

You do all the “right” things to manifest everything you desire and “why am I still here?” you ask yourself…

I do.

Just when you feel good and you think, “I’ve go this!”, you find yourself on the slippery slope of yet another “life lesson”

You think what is the point?

I do.

You’re constantly searching within, searching without and trying to find a better way or some message and life lesson. Surely there is more to life than this persistent contrast of dark and light that we are experience….

We’ve searched within and without, if everything is a reflection of me than I need to ramp this up because sister I am done. Thank you for the experience, I appreciate it however this chick is ready to move on.

I am NOT an empath because the truth is that will not serve either of us. I am NOT your energy station for you to come and fill up anytime you’re low.

I lost something in my search for a better way because it lost it’s meaning, it become this word that people started to throw around until it became meaningless. But, it’s back… I would say restored, however that it not the case. Now it has a new meaning and I new understanding. Passion. That words means something to me, it always has…

For me passion is about finding beauty in everything around us, loving ourselves for who we are now… even knowing we want more. Not locking into any vibrations that are lower than ours, and walking away with an open heart when we find ourselves in that situation. Passion is living in tune and listening to the rhythm of your soul. Passion is not over analysing every thing that happens and expressing love to others and not playing the game of what their ego desires.

I am done with the fight and the dance with life, we can’t change it, it’s time to sway and move gracefully with the flow of life.

And so it is, as it will be.


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