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… When It’s Not Humility It’s Hiding.

I was just digging out an old presentation I used to deliver, it’s one the most popular topics I’ve been paid to present… you know the timeless one.

“How To Sell Without Selling.”

It’s funny, reading through the slides I was reminded of some of the awesome things I’ve done.

I’ve not spoken about them for years and subconsciously put it into the brag compartment of my mind because of my quest to live with humility was great.

Only that’s not humility.

It’s hiding.

What happened to that person who stood on stages around the globe and stood proudly and spoke about my accomplishments?

I added $500,000 in revenue to a business within the first 6 months of being there. While I was transforming a team that didn’t want me there and was the hardest team to transform I’ve lead to date.

They wanted change, they got it.

Only want I’ve now discovered after leading and mentoring multiple industries it’s given me a vantage point to understand what’s happening.

Most people want change yet there is a secondary gain they receive that they are completely unaware of… So this funny thing happens when you deliver!

People get what they want and they don’t know what to do!

So it’s one thing to create change and it’s another to hold them in it to allow the full integration and embodiment to support that change.

I’ve generated well over $500,000 in free publicity and worked with leading global brands.

You see before I was all sex and spirit I was bad arse in business.

Somewhere along the line I forgot that.

I forget that this doesn’t come easily to people.

I literally just walked away from all of it.

That’s something I have done my whole life, I can wipe my hands of anything like it’s a breeze.

I build it up and I walk away. 

Only now I’m not going anywhere.

Who am I when I don’t walk away?

Who am I when I combine this bad arse business womxn, who just has a knack for transforming teams and sniffing out everything that’s not in alignment?

Who is this person when I fully integrate all parts of myself and she doesn’t walk away?

*Unless it’s incongruent with my code of ethics*

I’ve actually discovered you can be in a state of humility and own all of who you are.

We don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

No separation.

This divine fusion of intuition and intellect, the practical and supernatural.

We are all things.

Let’s embrace that.

The Hedonistic Evolution is coming!!!

Stay tuned x