Getting What Your Heart Desires

how to get what your hearts desire

I want you to sit in a space where you can be still.


I want you to breathe in and out.


In the infinity of life you are exactly where you meant to be.


Allow the air to fill your lungs while your body relaxes.


Now listen to me carefully…

It is coming, it is here and it is ready for the full force. It is time to stop dabbling in spirituality and in the law of attraction. Don’t do it for pleasure, Do it for self-mastery and the pleasure will be infinite.

It’s time to raise the intensity within on a massive scale. Don’t share it until your ready to burst.

Ask what it is that your true heart desires. Now relax, chill out and have fun.

See what comes forth…. Don’t seek it, wait for it to come.

When the path finds you and it will. It might be in the way of a thought, an idea, an action, a feeling or an opportunity presented to you. Either way, you will know.

When it does, know that it’s a dream come true (as they always do). Allow yourself to be in the moment of absolute joy and wonder that you are so inspired to do whatever you have to do for it to happen, and you do.


As it is and so it is.