Happiness Is

Happiness is

Being the best possible version of yourself. 

For a long time I lived a life that was full of violence, I was getting beaten and everyday I was scared.

Scared to leave and scared to stay.

Living this lifestyle that was a blur and I didn’t know how to turn it around… until one day I did.

But, everyday I was still scared, scared that I was never going to break this cycle, scared that I wasn’t going to live the life I had always dreamed about, scared to let people in because I couldn’t let this happen again. I was broken, so broken.

One day I took a step and although I couldn’t see the entire staircase, I took a step. That is all it ever took, one thought and one action.

There has been a time in your life where you have been broken and we try to put the pieces back together, but we are never the same. We’re not suppose to be.

Life is not black and white, it is the most amazing array of colors you have ever seen. 

But how do we break the cycle and stop this crap from continuing to come into our lives? 

At what point do we stop looking back, releasing, re living and healing old wounds?

How do we slow down the crazy busy lifestyle we lead? 

Most people don’t ask themselves the honest questions and settle for a life where everything is just OK… and that’s cool.

But if you’re someone like me who wants a crazy happy life, you feel like there is more to this life than what you’re living and you just want your life to MEAN something.

The truth is, there is process and far out it has taken me a LONG time to understand it, know it, live it and BE IT… but I got there.

I frigging got there.

For the doers, the seekers, the knowers, the dreamers, the believers and the go getters.


I ask you this.



come with me