Hedonism is removing the hierarchy.

Hedonism is removing the hierarchy.

Of emotions.

Of status.

Of feelings.

Of people.




The feeling of being…

More than,

Less than,


I thought we were friends?


Friends don’t ignore friends.

People are more than cliques.

The little posse of ego can kiss my arse.


For here I stand, owning the fact that I don’t fit in.

We weren’t born too.

The shackles we can’t see are the ones that weigh us down and feel like we can’t breathe.

That little niggle inside of us that craves approval, acceptance or affirmation.


Are we so lost that we can’t find our way home?

Are we so ashamed of being all of who we are in fear of what people will think?

Are we so scared to feel our own pleasure?


Is our happiness so reliant on other people that we feel unhappy when no one is there is make us feel whole?

Here I stand, acknowledging my sovereign free will to express my right for independence, freedom, grace and ease.

Solely responsible for myself and no one else.

Respecting myself and therefore others.

Feeling boundary less.

Hedonism is not being in the pursuit of pleasure, it is finding pleasure in all moments and being responsible for it as powerful beings.


It’s creating whole beings.