Hedonistic Holy Human

Renee Mayne

Living life as a Hedonistic Holy Human is about shattering all the rules.

Questioning all of it.

I am determined to smash all of it.

I will not be a statistic.

I chose to rewrite all of it.

I don’t have to work “hard” and hustle to build wealth.

I don’t have to be my children’s “parent” and not their friend.

I don’t have to be submissive in my life or union with my partner.

… Unless I choose too.

This morning in a client session we entered the quantum field WITHOUT entering into an altered state of consciousness.

I performed my service as a Priestess without changing her state.

It is one thing to be vibing so high and cultivating high frequencies in an altered state of consciousness, co-creating, listening, reprogramming, meditating and embodiment. (They have their place don’t get me wrong)

It’s another thing to inject this into real-life moments, even when you’re in survival…

THIS is the work of an Intuitive Dominatrix!

THIS is what I teach my Interns because anyone can be a blissed out- zen- ultra spiritual- mastering the shit out of my practice Goddess.

It’s another to inhabit Heaven no matter where you’re standing.

Hedonistic Holy Human.




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