The Hedonistic Way @ Midday Show With Chenae Carey

Chenae Carey, Renee Mayne, The Hedonistic Way at Midday Show

The Hedonistic Way @ Midday Show

The destination and route of these amazing conversations are always UNKNOWN, yet always so on point it makes my heart open.

In this episode Chenae and I spoke about juicy things like…

1. Can you be “spiritual” and drink alcohol.
2. How to use FB for business that goes against what most Leaders are preaching.
3. Should you use your personal page for business?
4. How to NOT get swallowed up in all the noise.
5. How Chenae embodied reverance TRULY for the first and how that changed her life.

… and lots of practical tips you can do today to turn your social media ON.

This divine little beauty popped onto the business scene 3 years ago and quickly caught attention of some of biggest influencers online.
Her passion to connect people with their clients on social media while remaining true, genuine and contributing in a powerful way, seen her work with some big names.
A truly gentle soul that knows how to create an amazing impact within the social media space in a way that allows her clients to live their most amazing life.
The gentle, deeply soulful, intuitive and total bad arse social media genius Miss Chenae Carey!!!!