I Am NOT Your Guru

What Mentor is, and what it is NOT. (3)

Years ago I invested a lot of money in a mentor, my first business mentor and me being me, I am the most devoted, action taking and diligent student that soaks up and absorbs all of it.

What a mentor is and what it is not…. For me

They asked me to write a testimonial and I did, it wasn’t like an ordinary, yawn testimonial. I took time because I wanted it to reflect the Rockstar’s I thought they were.

In it, I wrote about how awesome the experience was and the guidance received, but it worked because I did the work. How those two things together make something amazing. It was worded much more eloquently than that, but that was the gist of it.

It didn’t quite get the reception I thought it would, I thought they would get it… but I was wrong and that’s cool.

You see I wholeheartedly believe that teachers appear at the right time and they have this uncanny ability to hold a mirror at a precise angle just so you can see what it is already have within yourself and it’s ready to come out.

The guru and the expert status can give the aha moment, a mentor can guide to the bigger picture and you learn from their experience, a coach can give you the to do list, a workshop can ignite something inside of you…

But it’s you.

You have to know that.

My clients, my students, my people…. Our truth collides, gets infused and woven into this beautiful masterpiece. It’s not me alone.

It comes through me

For you

I bypass your mind so I can speak to your soul

I am no magician.

And there is no wand.

But there is a force that brings us together.

There is no “I” in your experience with me.

I don’t take the credit.

Not all of it.

You, it has to be you.

My gifts are your gifts and I openly share them.

My words are your words; we don’t own any of them. It’s the intention behind them that makes them stick.

Or not.

We are both the student and the teacher.

My gifts become yours

My experience becomes yours

Prevents you

Helps you

Guides you

Teaches you

Protects you

Shows you

But most importantly, it ignites you.

Awakens you

Inspires you

Motivates you

Ascends you

Embodies you and all that YOU are.

You show up

So as you extend praise to someone and rightfully so, gratitude is everything and goes a long way. Take a moment to bestow praise upon yourself. Shower yourself in it, because you showed up. You were open, ready, waiting, listening and you were able to feel the alignment.


And you knew it was meant to be.



This hedonistic experience has been carefully, intuitively and well thought through to give you the utmost support, guidance, transformation and up levelling you have been dreaming about… (2)