I am worthy. I am enough.


Are there any two more important things we could say to ourselves?

To live these two phrases and to believe these two phrases is something that will fuel our entire being and elevate our happiness.

For a long time I felt so unworthy that I felt foreign in my own skin and it crippled me. Domestic and family violence was a part of my life for a long time and feeling unworthy is something that could of stopped me moving forward.

Imagine earning good money, being independent and being able to buy whatever you wanted to than having nothing but a small suitcase of clothes and nowhere to go. I had never felt richer in all my life, I choose my safety and my new life. I didn’t apply or look into any aid to help rebuild my life and start afresh because I felt unworthy. Looking back, I thought I was being positive by always thinking “There is someone always worse off than me” or “Someone else needs it more than I do” but I realise now that by doing that I was saying “I am not worthy to receive help”. If you always think that someone is more deserving than you then we cannot receive anything or create the life you want to live. Help is there for everybody and it is for no ONE type of person, ask for guidance and it will come. It’s really important that we allow ourselves to receive.


As self-doubt creeps in and you start to question you’re intention and whether or not you can do it. That little voice says “You’re not smart enough, good enough, education enough, savvy enough, pretty enough, ballsy enough or deserving enough.”

Fuck that voice.


Because from the bottom of my soul and every inch of my being I know I am here to make the world a better place. My intention is sincere, genuine, authentic and benevolent. I failed school, but I have spent my life learning and everything I learnt I have lived through. You can’t buy that experience and it forces you to think, live and act outside the square…. against the status quo. I find strategies, business models and solutions that are smart, savvy and soul satisfying. You can’t teach people that they are born with it; it is embedded into the soul lineage.

Smart has many facets and we all qualified to do whatever we want to do. We are nothing more and nothing less, but together and we are all just as deserving, smart, savvy, pretty, educated and ballsy enough as each other.


Don’t judge and compare yourself to others by looking at your entire bare-all-life to someone else’s highlight reel.



As are you.