I see you

I see you

It’s the ability to hold yourself in the darkest moments and know that this too is perfect.

I see your soul

Bypassing the body

The person

The human you

I fall in love with it


I forget

I don’t see it

I don’t understand

I don’t want to


Beating myself up for not being strong enough

Weak enough

Successful enough

Thin enough

Courageous enough



Broken in a way I can not be put back together

Broken in ways the will echo throughout the decades

Broken in ways that only my soul can see



Physical representation of the turmoil that was going on inside of me

And not even knowing

A physical representation of how much I was beating myself up internally.



Bruises that are sore to touch and hard to see

A reminder of the pain

The torment

But they have nothing on the bruises and scars that you can’t see.



Wounded and not worthy

Giving away every dollar I made


Allowing others to strip me bear

Please take it from me because I am not worthy to have this wealth

The wealth I work 100 hours a week for.

Take it, take my love and make me bleed.


Bleed to slow death.

For I am dying.


But I still see your soul.


For as much I love your soul, I now see you.


I walk away will love in my heart for your soul and your human self.


I see all of you.


Travelling the world to find myself

I see my soul

I know no one

I find my tribe of lost souls

We gather

We unite

We love

We work

We make money

I go home to my homeland

Ready to conquer the world


Skin shedding

Mind racing

In a world that I don’t understand

Souls in lives I see they don’t want to be in

Pain everywhere I look

Pain that everybody is trying to ignore

Not expressing how they really feel.

Do I really belong in this world?

I feel foreign in my homeland


The desire to conquer the world feels too big now

Too far gone

Too far spread

To do anything alone


I shrink


And try and fit back into my world






Help me conquer the world






Make money

Transform my homeland


A hunger they crave

But not a hunger to do the work




Always solo

Internally beaten

I see my soul

Internal turmoil that has a new language, a spiritual prison that is wrapped up beautiful words and sound love.

Good intentions

But no compassion for the karmic line

My human body

My childhood trauma

My human conditioning


Skin shedding

Mind still

In a world where I am responsible for myself

Souls that show up everyday that reminds me that I am both human and divine

Pain, that I have learned to love.

Always expressing how I really feel.

I understand.


I am no one thing

But all things


It’s the ability to hold yourself in the darkest moments and know that this too is perfect.


Knowing that

I am safe to express the most pleasurable desire

I am safe to give myself freely

To express myself in a way that honours all of who I am

I am safe to love my body as it is

I am safe to be ridiculously wealthy

To work in a way the feels peaceful

Energisers me

Makes me feel alive


To work everyday on the end game

Not any game.

But my game.