Renee Mayne, Intuitive guidem inttuitive dominatrix, hedonistic way

If you’re someone who values a freedom lifestyle or you’re a portfolio entrepreneur or you lean into the spiritual and heart centred business is easy to give up.


Move on to the next thing,

It didn’t happen quickly enough so it wasn’t meant to be,

It wasn’t all grace and ease so it’s not aligned to the universe’s plan.

You get bored.

You avoid seasons.

When it gets hard you give up.

Nothing matches the vision you had.

You bounce on clients when you’re not feeling it.



If it didn’t happen in the time frame I expected it to I would discard that thing at the drop of a hat.


When things got too hard, I’d leave.


I would literally runaway from people, places and problems.


All in the name of doing what felt good for my soul.


I didn’t realise I was running away from poignant moments,

Limiting myself to this 3D reality.

Dismissing huge parts of who I am.


What happens if you don’t run, you don’t bounce…


Granted you have a plan,

Guaranteed the universe has a bigger one.


We’ve been fooled into thinking that if it isn’t rainbows and unicorns it’s not our path.


That’s bullshit.


We can’t avoid key emotions, feelings or experiences just because don’t always feel “good.”


If we don’t trust ourselves and what we feel at our core,

If we don’t have the stamina to stand up and express ourselves with conviction.

If we don’t even know what our voice sounds like…




You can’t build an authentic brand/ company/ empire by-


Soley sharing other people’s meme’s and giving no airtime to YOUR voice.

Not showing up.

Being all devotion and no action.

All light and avoiding the dark.

Ignoring the things in your life that don’t feel right.

Pretending things are all fab and they’re not.

Running away from the natural seasons of the cycle of life.


When we get on knees and stay on our knees, constantly giving it over to The All we can begin to find our way home and remember who we are…


Only than can we really serve.

Meet that person.

Be ourselves.

Express ourselves.

Enjoy that empire.





The Rise Of The Intuitive Dominatrix Internship is all this and more, carefully created with the cosmos for your potent and hedonistic evolution of your consciousness and eros.



DISCLAIMER: If you are in an abusive relationship of ANY kind I am in no way encouraging you to stay, leave.