From Idea To A Successful Business

Thinking Of Starting A Business-

You have this idea, this vision about how your everyday life looks different. You have been playing with the idea of starting your own business after enjoying a successful career, but there are of bunch of doubts…

The security of a job is sexy, but the hours, the travel and the not being there for your kids is getting to you.

Is this what you really want to be doing? Maybe it’s self doubt or maybe it’s doubt from your partner? Either way, I get it… I really do.

When I started my first business after a long and successful career it was tough, I was in a partnership that I knew wasn’t right from the beginning. I was working around the clock with two very young children and a partner asking me when I was going to start making money.

That plunge into doing what you feel is right is easier said than done, saying no wasn’t in my vocabulary, neither was failing in my business. But something had to give because I was so stressed and living this silent life where my truth was pushed into submission.

Failing in business was not an option, saying no is a choice that wasn’t serving me and the self doubt was making me feel like I was stupid. ‘Smart’ has many facets and once you own your gifts it brings you closer to the truth and brave enough to surrender. As within, so without.

I stopped reacting in my business and created a vision and actions that responded to it, I realised those traits that I thought was a weakness was actually my biggest strength. I am all that I am and embracing all sides is a game changer.

I learnt to work with the fear and listen for the message, the guidance.

You are NOT alone and having someone to guide you, support you and help you though this process helps save you time, money and stress.

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