The Industry That Wasn’t Ready For Me.

Renee Mayne

A smile, friendly demeanour and spruiking a go get em’ attitude doesn’t mean anything if the undercurrent is anger or disbelief in what you think is possible for you.

What does that even mean?

It means that for a long time I felt like I was pushing shit uphill in an industry I didn’t think was ready for me,

Underneath I was angry and bitter.

What happens when we’re angry and bitter?  Even if we don’t realise it…

We think the worst on people, 
We constantly test people, 
We’re constantly trying to adapt to the marketplace and PROVE OURSELVES. 

It feels really shitty. 

We need to get honest with ourselves and when we do begin this exploration everything becomes easier!

I realised that it wasn’t them it was me,

It’s not up to us to judge or question where someone else is in the journey,

As within so without.


It’s worth doing the work for it.