Infinite Intelligence and Holy Rapture.

Renee Mayne, infinite intelligence, holy rapture

I often think about our evolution throughout our lives and how much of it forced.

There is a natural evolution that just happens and we’ve become hardwired to fast track it.

I think this is becoming very apparent in a lot of teachings that are adapting and pivoting right now.

As much as I feel like I have been preaching this for years, it’s really only now that people are beginning to really understand that this heightened state of consciousness we’ve been trying to obtain, isn’t even real.

The only way we can feel it is by melting into the moment,

When we do this we blur the lines of our natural- supernatural states.

It’s effortless and cannot be forced.

It’s a natural occurrence.

One of my teachers once said to me, “Renée you see things long before other people for a reason, you can’t stop every time the rest of world catches up.”

There are natural laws that govern us, that are not people.

You know them, even if you don’t “know” it or believe it.

Karma, for example.

They are natural plays that just happen beyond our humanness.

Even if you don’t believe in anything, I guarantee you these natural laws especially the mutable ones you know and adhere to.

Infinite Intelligence is learning how to tap into the stream of intelligence that is infinite and accessible to all of us.

We don’t have to create a loophole to find it, we just have to melt into the moment.

When we do this we activate our Holy Rapture.

This is why we are seeing so many spiritual teachers talk about pleasure, desire and embodiment right now. It’s because they’re catching up and realising that enlightenment and spirituality is a small piece to this natural evolution that happens anyway.

This superstate or heightened state of consciousness is a state of ecstasy, hence the holy rapture.

It’s pretty cool really and I find it deeply exciting.

Because once we do this and only when we do this we become truly alive in our lives.

Thus, Hedonistic Holy & Human.

I remember messaging my friend Sarah Prout and telling her I am writing a book called Infinite Intelligence back in 2014, and I didn’t. In 2016 this piece of hedonism, pleasure and this ecstasy state of consciousness dropped in fully.

2020 when I launched the Intuitive Dominatrix Internship and passing on this body of work to those who are at the cutting edge of this progressive teaching and are ready have been relishing in it, are integrating this bad boy real-time and it is mind-blowingly glorious.


Enrolments for 2021 are now open and currently at 2020 prices so if this is igniting your pleasure points hit me up and we can talk about it more.