Intimacy With Self

Renee Mayne Hedonistic Holy Human


For so long I wished to be somewhere other than I was,

Feeling something other than I was,

We’re taught that.

When we’re sad we should be happy.

When we’re angry we should be calm.

How many times have you been told to wipe away your tears and calm down?

Just relax.

People think that hedonism is over-indulgent.

I think it’s permitting yourself to accept yourself as you are in that moment and even finding pleasure in it.

Hedonism is washing away all the feelings of “I should be somewhere else”

That robotic part of our brain that tells us to be happy or positive or high vibrational or light isn’t wisdom, it isn’t enlightened and it isn’t the divine speaking to you.

It’s your ego.

Love has no opposing sides.

Love is love and it shows up in various ways.

How willing are you to be intimate with the parts of yourself that you usually loathe?

It’s like if you go into a shop to buy a fishing rod and the sales assistant shows you picnic rug.

Love works in mysterious ways and it has many facets, and we ignore how it’s showing up for us at the moment.

If we’re cold we don’t curse ourselves for being cold.

We are disillusioned in thinking that we are supposed to be one state all the time and that’s just not realistic, sustainable or logical.

People make shit loads of money trying to teach us ways to avoid feeling how we’re feeling and we wonder why we can’t seem to break out of this cycle.

Think about how much pressure that puts on our nervous system?


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