What Does The Law Of Karma Have Do With Business?

karma in business

I know you must be thinking that it has to do with honestly, integrity and substance. Doing the right thing by people.


Well not entirely, now of course of those things are a big part of Universal Law, but the Law Of Karma is about some thing else. Before we go into that, let’s recap on the Law Of Karma.

Understanding the Law Of Karma puts a new spin on everything we do and it will help you become extremely mindful of what you put out there.

We commonly know Karma as: “good or bad luck, viewed as resulting from one’s actions.

But what if it had a much more significant meaning?

What if the Law Of Karma is not about punishment, but instead it’s to create balance and give you a path to change?

Karma gets peoples attention, that is what it is designed to do because so many people miss the messages along the way so something drastic has to happen for them to make a change.

KARMA IS ABOUT CHANGE, the change you give them in your business.

Everybody who is buying a product of service wants to change something… how can you make this change the most amazing experience ever?

Think of an actor, now if they have an audition they get one scene. If they want to make this performance compelling they need a backstory.

What is their backstory?

What’s your backstory?

Take the time to right it out and get a strong sense of exactly what they’re going though.

Is there some synchronicity with your backstory?

How can you use that to strengthen your relationship with them?