Law Of Connection

Divine Connection 1000x1000

We have reached a point in time where everyone is seeking, longing and understanding the importance of connection. Business in the new economy is all about connection. How we connect with ourselves is crucial to our happiness, the more acts of self-love and self-expectance we can show ourselves the happier we will be.

Be mindful of what thoughts run through your head and how you speak about yourself. This became very real to me when I would look at my two girls and realised that I wanted them to be kind to themselves and not grow up with the same body image issues and self loathing that has sadly become the normal for so many people, including me. Surely there is more to life than the shallowness of how society says we should look and feel. Surely everyone is entitled to feel immense and intense happiness, joy and love…. for themselves and others. Remove the judgment of others and ourselves, the harshness of how we think and feel, no one can or should dictate how we feel only we have that key to our soul. Life is more than healthy eating, exercise and the chaotic lifestyle that we lead. When did success become measured by how busy we are, it’s ridiculous.

If that is how we measure success then I don’t want a bar of it.

Success looks different to everybody and so only we can determine what success looks like for us. For me it’s about being the best version of myself possible, feeling free and at peace. Living an abundant life of love, joy, happiness and prosperity. Doing things I love to do and in a way I love to do them. Having energy, feeling light on my feet, loving myself for who I am and having gratitude for everything in my thing now. Feeling a raw, authentic and a deep connection too myself, too others and to the universe. Embracing everyday and feeling good at the moment and teaching my girls that life is about connection and truth and it’s what you make it.

I don’t want to work my arse off for a holiday once year I want to experience, soul satisfying joy, peace and happiness everyday. For me to do that I practice the Law Of Connection.

The Law Of Connection is about tapping into who we really are and learning to listen to our inner voice. Everything we need to know is already inside of us. I don’t know how but we have been living in a world that seeks external guidance and the approval of others to give us satisfaction, direction and confirmation. Once we learn to tap into our intuition we start to begin to realise that we can connect with the universe on the same level as well as other beings.

Connection is the foundation of spiritual consciousness and sacred influence. When you’re losing hope and fear is engulfing you, don’t let it all go and don’t give in. Remember that time when you got through it? Feel it. Be in that moment and that will help you reconnect. Think about the time when you felt divinely connected, the beauty and majesty expand you to an emotional level of profound love and connection.

Remember, we need to practice the Law Of Truth because everyone can pick up on peoples energies (whether they realise it or not) so be mindful because this will affect your authentic connection to someone. The divine force is behind you all the way; it’s the grand connection. The oneness of the universe, I am the sun, I am the universe, we are all one. We are divinely connected and are cared for and protected.


We are free to live large, be bold and have fun!


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