Law Of Polarity… an understanding of what is & finding the calm in the storm.

law of polarity

What is it that brings you to this page, right here right now.


What is it you want to hear? What is it you need to hear? What is your question?

Bring it forth now…..

There is a certain calm in the storm and peace in the busyness or at least there should be.

Is it that you’re looking for?

Calm, peace, stillness or is it the question of what do I do next?

Like a rubber band there is only so far we can stretch until we break or go crashing back to until it slaps us with a wake up call.

What’s it going to take?

Think of a time you felt at peace, at ease with everything that is…

You have a certain lightness in your movement, in your life and it feels good.

At the opposite end of the pole you can feel intense sadness, hurt, regret, fear , anger, frustration and that feels extremely heavy.

Do you know they are the same pole?

Like hot and cold, black and white, extreme wealth and extreme poverty, happiness and sadness…

It’s all the same thing, it’s just a matter of where you are on the pole.

See the lift in the control lever, raise it to top… do you see it, do you feel it?

It’s just like when you breathe in and out at the end of each breath there is a natural pause… that is where your truth lies…

It’s just like the pole, think of it as a pendulum that swings from side to side, at some point it will stop and go back the other way. But there is a point before it goes back the other way, there is pause… a stillness.

This is where your truth lies and at this point you have a choice to make.

You can remain in the stillness and keep your control lever high and wait in the lightness of what while the pendulum swings back the other way and avoid the lower, heavier feelings/ emotions and events that will take place.

Of you can understand this then you are an advanced soul and ready to move into this space.

Now what is it that you do?

And what was your question?

Bring it forth again….

When, how and is what I see real?

It is in this time and space that you are ready and it is all being brought forward to you… think of the universe as a massive light grid and each light has various brightness to which is shines. Now imagine you are one of these lights and the universe is lining up all the other same brightness lights to you, these are the people being brought to you right now.

But remember, it depends on how bright your light is that will determine what you will attract.

The when is now and know that something that will both delight you and surprise you is coming your way. And know that it will always be this way.

The how will be determined by your ability to focus, focus on what you want and taking direct aligned action to getting it. Keep your focus and attention to two things, now is not the time for a portfolio. Now is the time a clear vision concise vision.

Is what I see real… if you can create it in your head you can create in your hand. You must see your vision daily and work in the space of you already living it.  See it, believe it because if you can see it, then it is real and don’t let anyone tell you it’s not.



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