Law Of Service

law of service

Everything you do affects me, everything I do affects you. We are divinely connected.

Everyone who comes into contact with you has a message for you and you have a message for them. Sounds simple doesn’t it?

Whenever we aren’t present in the moment or we’re being aloof, we cannot let the natural synchronicity occur and we can’t give or receive the message.

This is where the Law Of Service is important, when we are in the service space we are connected to ourselves in a way we can serve others from an authentic space.

Whenever I see clients I always set the intent that I am in absolute creative flow and I am grounded and open to hear all messages. I set the intention that the Law Of Service is strong flowing through me and around me so I go give my clients exactly what they want and need.

Letting go of all egos, judgments and knowing that I am not above them or below them both together in the journey. Having a strong desire to help, contribute and give them the freedom to embrace their power.

We can only do that when we are aligned, connected, speaking our truth as we see it and staying grounded to Mother Earth and connecting with source and the oneness of the universe.

It’s surrendering to the universe and knowing it’s not about us, but what we can give.

The divine force is with you all the way.

Live and master your service before you teach others. Then openly tell everyone about it from an authentic space.