Law of Truth

So here we are going through this crazy wild ride through life and trying to be the best version of ourselves possible. It’s constant and forever evolving and we are exactly where we are meant to be.

I take solace in the strong sense of knowing, trusting and believing that life is as simple as we make it.

I live my life and structure my business around 5 very humble universal laws that elevate me into a higher place where amazing shifts and growth occurs. Today I really want to share one with you.

The Law Of Truth

  1. The truth is that we all see, hear and feel things differently and how we perceive these things are totally different. So it’s really important that we understand that our perception is just that, OUR unique perception.
  2. We must always try to speak our truth as we see it and never make excuses, lie or be afraid of speaking our truth. It is out of our control as to how others perceive what we say so the least we can do is honour ourselves and be honest with what we say and how we feel. Because every time we don’t there are consequences which leads into another universal law that I talk about another day. But for now just know that for every untruth you say takes you 10 steps back.
  3. You are here right now as a direct result of you living your truth, in that every moment, every thought, every action and every step you have made is you speaking your truth as you saw it at the time. That is all we can ever do.
  4. When we hear how other people perceive us we need to take the viewpoint that it is their interpretation from their viewpoint. It may not be how we see it but we can’t let it take us off our course. At times that is really hard but we need to stay strong and aligned with our truth as we see it. We also can’t judge them on how they see it, as it’s not for us to judge or get angry because they take from it what they need too. People can’t take our power but we can allow them to take it.
  5. The only person you are accountable too is yourself, so don’t waste your time trying to explain or defend your thoughts, feelings or actions to anyone else because it will only frustrate you and upset you. You can talk until your blue in the face and they still won’t get it because you aren’t on the same wave length, It’s like listening to a radio station when it’s on a different frequency…it just ain’t gonna happen.

This sounds easy but it takes extreme mindfulness and awareness of your thoughts. You really have to feel it before you speak it and ask yourself “Is this my truth, does this thought make me feel good” If it doesn’t feel good you need to search for a better thought.

Something I always try and be aware of is what we don’t like in others is what we don’t like in ourselves. And that’s our message for ourselves, so don’t get angry at them but instead ask “What is this quality I don’t like and how can I shift it in myself”

And sometimes we are so busy being self aware that we need too not over analyse things and experience the feeling and let it go. Letting go is an essential part of the process because we don’t want any suppressed anger or feelings because that is destructive.


How does this sit with you?