The Law Of Truth In Business

Speak your truth and make your marketing sing

Is creating influence online and making it sing.

  1. The truth is that we all see, hear and feel things differently and how we perceive these things are totally different.
  2. We must always try to speak our truth because we can not control our people interrupt what we say, so we may as well be honest.
  3. You are here right now as a direct result of you living your truth, every moment, every thought, every action and every step you have made is you speaking your truth as you saw it at the time. That is all we can ever do.


When we’re raising our influence both on and offline we need to think about…
  1. What our brand message is?
  2. What you’re really selling?
  3. Who you’re saying it too?
  4. What do they want and need to hear?


Online has changed and there is so much noise so we really need to be strategic and authentic with our marketing.

Ask yourself

Where do they hangout?

Are they visual people?

What do you want out of it?

What is the journey I want to take them on?

How do I want to make them feel? Happy, enlightened, understood, empowered, hopeful…what are some ways we can do that?

Think outside the square.

With anything online you really want a good a balance of the 3 P’s personal, purpose, promotional.

There are some undeniable benefits of using social media and it is an incredibly powerful tool, when you use it correctly.

With any marketing you do we must measure it and online is no different. There’s no point doing it if it’s not getting you anywhere.

Email marketing. Split test so you can measure what gets the most traction.

Have fun with it and don’t be afraid to do things differently, most businesses play it safe online and all that accomplishes is boring content that gets no engagement.

I used to write for a company and every month I would write my article and every month I would have to “rework” so it appealed to a wider audience because they didn’t want to offend or isolate anyone. Now it was never my intention to offend anyone, but I tell the truth as I see it and the right people will read it and get it. It’s not the news we can afford to do things differently because that’s the only way you stand out from the sea of noise that we see everyday online.


Be yourself, embrace you.