My Letter To Freedom, Empowerment & Self Love

freedom, empowerment and self love

To my greatest teacher.

Thank you for the lessons that you bring me and I am grateful for the unfolding taking place.

Somewhere along the lines we switched roles and I am not quite sure how or why that happened but it did.

Thank you so much for the life lessons, but I am ready to release the cord that you have attached to me and mine to you. I have learnt all there is to learn from you in this lifetime and you are now free to move on without being bound to me.

You are free.

I am free.

Thank you for being my greatest teacher.

You taught me strength, strength that I did not know I had, you taught me unconditional and conditional love and loyalty.

But know that your job is done.

You taught me by example.

You taught me that how we feel on the inside is what we attract on the outside, we create our reality for better and for worse.

You taught me about the Law Of Truth, in that how we perceive truth is different and when we hear someone’s viewpoint, it is their interruption of it and totally unique to them. And I don’t have to claim their truth.

You taught me that in order to make my moments and for me to shine I cannot carry scars and anger that aren’t mine to carry.

You taught that I can not and should protect others from a place of duty, that it is not about protection it is about support and that means that we give them the freedom to live their own journey, judgment free. And by trying to protect them, we are hindering their growth…. Their happiness… their ability to find love and joy.

You taught the ultimate connection is the one we have with ourselves, we have to love ourselves so we can then love others.

You taught me that we can use our words to heal or hurt and we can choose in any moment, which one we use.

You taught me about accountability, you taught me that if we don’t want to repeat our mistakes we must first be accountable so we can move on.

You taught me that I should never apologise for who I am or try to be someone I am not for approval.

But most of all you taught me how to love in a way that feels so good.

Without you there would be no me and for that I am very grateful.

It is through my sovereign free will that I release all energy and chords we have on each other.


You are free.


I am free.


Let us be.


As it is and so it will be.