How Lightworker’s Can Honour Their Innate Gifts

How Lightworker's Can Honour Their Innate Gifts (2)

There is so much talk about our gifts, our unique talent, our innate wisdom and our life or soul’s purpose. The millionaire dollar question, the hustle and the pressure points are “How do I monetise my gift, my craft and make it my life purpose and my pay check?”

Most people are missing the point, entirely. Myself included.

Soulpreneur’s around the globe are waiting for their next download, the next channel, the moon cycle, their monthly cycle and/or their next vision… the one that is going to bring them the infinite abundance they are been trying to manifest for not just this lifetime, but for all their lifetimes.

Your gift is just that. YOURS.

It’s for you, first and foremost.

There to guide you, support you and attune your mind, body and spirit into one interwoven masterpiece. Where you are the harmony, the instrument and the conductor… A fine-tuned imperfect creation of absolute perfection, not one piece but all pieces.

Before you box it up, package it, market it and send it off. Remember it’s your innate gift; it’s for you first.

That’s how we do business soul to soul.

We use of craft, our gift to serve ourselves and then we can share it with others. Deeply authentic business is walking your talk, embodying your truth and not shrinking…. Or realising it when you are and loving yourself through that when you do.

The alignment between practicing what we preach is the key and any disconnect between what we want and our actions will leave a whopping big gap in our reality and our fantasy. Lightworker’s cannot get away with any incongruence because it radiates for eons and repels potential clients and will keep us swimming in a pond when we really want to be swimming in the ocean. Actually, we want to be the ocean. We are the ocean, the waves, the sand and shore.

To honour the integration time between any realisations, vision, practices and training is imperative. Often we skip that step in the excitement of what we can give our clients to heighten and amplify their experience.

Most Lightworker’s are so devoted to serving the universe and awakening the world they forget the first step or may even think that it’s ego driven to use our gift for and on ourselves, first. That is our biggest lesson in this lifetime, we have done that work and it’s not our ego… It’s us loving ourselves enough and by not doing this for ourselves first is missing our life purpose and limiting the impact we can give others.
See this

Capture this

Activate this

Embody this

Integrate this

Teach this

Share this

And repeat.