Women Living Life The Same Way As Men Have Sex.

women doing it like a man.

… Today I want to talk about expectations and just how freaking venomous they are.

… Today I want to talk about how women are living their life the same way as men have sex. 

… Today I want to talk about how to fight like a woman. 

The lack of humility and compassion we have to expectations.

Pain is a necessity of life the suffering is optional.

Life is a number to a number, whereby we are born and then pass.

Everything in life is in between, where we are responsible.

We are brought up to please others. An expectation.

Not once was I ever told that I had to please myself first, ever.

In fact, it was frowned upon if you loved yourself… you were up yourself or stuck up.

We pay our kids less because they are a “number” that doesn’t require them to be paid the same as an adult, yet “expected” to do the same work.

We pay women less because they have a vagina.

The paradox?

We get angry with our partners when they don’t listen.

When they don’t “please” us in the way we expect them to.

When they don’t want the same things as us.

If we have to tell them more than once.

If they don’t use their initiative and clean the house or bath the kids.

We get annoyed because they’re not…

Like a woman.

Instead, like a man.

We say nothing, silently cursing them for being a pathetic, useless piece of foreskin.

But the foreskin is useful just the same as our vaginas are.

(A foreskin enhances pleasure by protecting it’s sensitivity)

 Women doing it like a man.

  1. Thrusting it in when you’re not even wet.

Just because we want to be “there” already. What’s the fucking rush dude? Slow the fuck down. Life is not a race, the first one that gets to climax gets a prize.

We all know that foreplay starts the minute we wake up, it’s the soft brush of the skin, it’s the warm embrace, it’s the kiss that says “You are my everything!” it’s the smile that says you’re the only one in the room… It’s all the small things that get our motor running.

Life is the exact same.

Slow it down.

Warm up to it.

Allow yourself to love deep.


Allow yourself to control the gaze that you show the world.

The orgasm isn’t going anywhere, you have time to enjoy everything in between… without those bits in between there is no orgasm.

  1. Focusing on the climax.

Newsflash. The goal is NOT the climax, your dream life, your success, your vision or whatever idealistic thing you want in your life is not the climax. Every thrust, every move, every groan and every touch point are the winning goal….

An organismic touch point of delicious connection

A love exchange

An undiluted moment of ecstasy.

A moment in time when you are at one.

Focus on that.

  1. Ticking her orgasm off the list.

Once she’s got over the line, we can just tick that job off as DONE, go me. Your job isn’t done when you’ve crossed it off the list. In fact, if you’re doing it just because you want to cross it off the list, maybe you need to revisit why you’re doing in the first place.

May the god in me see the god in you.

Being a selfless lover is NOT making sure your partner has reached their orgasm. It’s about playing with the finishing line; it’s about pushing any preconceived ideas that there even is an end point.

Getting her over the line so you can hump frantically so you can get over yours is not the point.

You don’t need to hustle, you don’t need to go like a bat out of hell to get something over the line and then you can fall back onto your side of the bed like the Rockstar you are, knowing that you did good.

There is no rush to close the sale,

Make sure you’ve played with the edge,

Teased every desire until it could be teased no more,

Connected so deeply you seen the god in them,

Enjoyed each moment like it was the last.

Knowing that you gave yourself wholeheartedly, so vulnerably, you expressed yourself with such grace and honour, you merged with it like the piece of art it is.

You used your voice to express moments of lust and pleasure. You reach the heightened moment of pure elation and you still don’t want to let go… because life is that good.

Then you can enjoy your victory lap.

Let men be men really freaking well and let women be women really freaky well. Let you be you, really freaking well.

Everything else is an unrealistic expectation.

A quickie.

A release.

A way where we are just trying to fulfill a life long craving with a one-night stand.


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