Living Life Wide Awake

create a life of grand majesty


Imagine if we had universal laws that would elevate your life and illuminate your soul into a blissful purpose with an inner sense of knowing when you woke up everyday and had that fire in your belly.

Something that I get absolute joy from is knowing that sometimes my children are the best teachers.

I have two daughters 5 and 7 and we were chatting the other day and my 5 year old says:

Ms 5: “Mum, I want to be a Tooth Fairy when I grow up. What do you want to be?”

Me: “I want to be amazing!”

Ms 5: “Don’t be silly being amazing isn’t a job”

Me: {inside voice} OH REALLY Miss I want to be a tooth fairy!

Ms 7: Actually, amazing is an adjective so you CAN BE AMAZING.

And that is what I aim to be everyday.

Sometimes having an entrepreneurial mind can be a curse when you don’t know your path because you feel like the majority of people think differently to you. It definitely goes against the grain of how I was supposed to live my life. But I never understood why I felt and thought so differently. When most people asked why, I asked why not?

The only way I know how to describe it is I have this message in my heart, this unwavering desire to make a difference to the world {corny I know}. As I look back now I realise that every decision, every step and everything was a piece to the puzzle and it’s being rolled out the best movie I’ve ever seen.

I also know that we all have pivotal moments in our lives that shape our lives and steer us in the right direction and move us forward.

I have owned and managed businesses for 19 years, it’s what I know and it’s what I good at. When I founded Bra Queen, which is Australia’s largest lingerie resource for all things lingerie and business. I love lingerie because it’s so much more than just a bra right…it’s something simple that women can do that makes you feels good. It’s the confidence, empowerment and the freedom of self-expression that it brings to women. The more we create unison and diversity in the market and create oneness the more women we can empower.

And that is the beginning of living life wide-awake; from there we can manifest and create a life of grand majesty.

It’s through us owning our moments and stepping up to create a life that we love but it’s also much bigger than us. That’s why understanding the 5 universal laws is so important. You can use them to illuminate your life.


To live life wide-awake. Use my eyes to help awaken yours.