renee mayne

I’ve always been someone who has felt like they don’t belong in any one circle.

Too out there for some,

Not out there enough for others.

Too naughty,

Not naughty enough,

It’s had MANY faces over the years… decades.

There has been an ongoing feeling of not wanting to be normal,

And desperate to be seen.

Quietly paranoid wondering what others will think because I also want to be loved.

The Lone Wolf looking for a pack…

Feeling like the Hungry Caterpillar,
Devouring and tasting everything,

Consuming everything in my path and never satisfying my appetite.

Waiting for that thing to satisfy my hunger…

Until one day I realised this overconsumption and thirst was leaving me empty and when I changed what I consume and stood firmly in discernment not only was I full,


I turned into a butterfly.