Six Facts That Bring You Long Lasting Pleasure

Six Facts That Bring You Long Lasting Pleasure

Living “who am I now?” and exploring that allows us to drop all expectations and serve from a place of honour and integrity for ourselves and other people.

Why is that important?

Otherwise, there is constant doubt, searching, questioning and longing for “what is my life purpose.” Morphing into what everybody else is doing, and thinking that you don’t know enough. You’re watching everyone else around you make headway and rise above you and it sucks!

Your business becomes a “job” and when there is no desire, pleasure or anticipation. There is no meaning, no leadership, no creativity and no growth.

We become stuck in yesterday, in tomorrow and the expectations cripple us and limit us. We become robotic people who don’t know who they are so they become a version of everyone else and silently live life feeling shitty.

There is a fun way to change and explore.

Living day by day, moment by moment exploring “who am I when no one needs me and I don’t need them.”

Six Facts That Bring You Long Lasting Pleasure

  1. We are over-educated!

We spend so much time, money and energy on education, studying and learning so we can grow, but we end up still feeling like we don’t know enough… or we judge other people for not being educated enough (a mere perception of what qualifies as an educated person)

We’re searching for external knowledge instead of exploring ourselves and listening to ourselves.

Education is important, however, it is one piece to the puzzle, one act in the play.

  1. The head, mind and ego battle

Have you ever had doubts and maybe an internal argument or questioning as to whether that “voice” was; your wisdom, your intuition or was it your mind playing games and pretending it was wisdom? It’s happened to me several times… “Was my ego, was it my wisdom or was it my higher self… I don’t know?”

The only time we’re open and have no guards up is when we’re lost in desire and arousal. At that moment there is the most sacred connection to self and the world within.

When we’re lost in the moment, no one else is around and what everyone else is doing doesn’t matter. Only love, lust and pleasure in the moment matter and we are enough.

We excel beyond all expectations, no boundaries; it’s as bottomless as it is limitless.

In our mind, how can we see this level of living, feeling and being?

By living and serving from this sacred place we know it’s the most sacred, pure, desired and love based place. With it, brings excitement, playfulness, pleasure, anticipation, passion and deep long-lasting purpose. 

  1. Who we are every day is different.

 Exploring this first is all we really need, that will give us the first step if not the entire staircase. Just by doing this, we get to where we want to go faster, with the focus on the moment and never on the finishing line. There is no finishing line.

We need to ONLY explore this and trust this when we are in a state of arousal for only then do we know that it’s the “right” step. No lingering questions are there in this “think tank”. Unlike the head, heart and how do we know it’s your soul talking and not our mind playing games?   In arousal… lost arousal, there are no mind games, just a desire to fulfil yourself and others.

This intense web of desire and pleasure makes every change in your life become fun.

  1. Time CAN slow down in this state

The minute we stop looking around and start looking within, time slows down. There is no wishing you were somewhere else because where you are now is so turned on and exciting. No more doubt (less doubt), no more questioning (less questioning), no book, no course can teach you or give you that direction. Once it is turned on, there is no off switch.

Life can be one long orgasm, there is no justification, or explanation needed when you act and live with such rawness, lust, desire, and pleasure, and no one questions that.

Wild and free, connected and feeling in love, where abundance is within us and all around us.

  1. What would you miss if this wasn’t activated within you?

A chance to live a life with no bounds, pure desire and answers with absolute certainty.

  1. The mission, my mission.

For people to live and enjoy life and business in a state of absolute arousal. Solely and soully exploring to the most sacred desire within, when all guards are down and there is no gatekeeper, so we have direct access to your soul. To have a pure, lustful, sexually fuelled existence where abundance and pleasure are strong flowing and travelling through you and around.


Wanna work with me… let’s tango.


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