Love is the sovereignty of debris.

Love Is The Sovereignty Of Debris.

Love is the sovereignty of debris.

It has to be.

The darkness comes to those who woke,

… Who heard the call.

To fully appreciate the spectrum of wholeness.

We are not finite.

We can only be whole when we embrace the entire spectrum.

Not pick it up apart and label it as good or bad.

Letting love in during adversity,

Rising to it, fully trusting that this too is beautiful.

Love is the sovereignty of debris.

Letting the darkness in and welcoming it,

Letting life have its way with you.

Having no mercy on you.

For in every moment you are chosen to awaken.

Gifted an opportunity.

Sitting with it,

Fully accepting life.


You can’t rule your kingdom without embracing all of it.

ALLLLL of it,

Your past,

Your present,

Everything you feel,

Everything you are,


Letting it all in with open arms.

Then, when you sit on the throne of your life,

You will squirm and take a second glance at the darkness, questioning its place at the throne.

And remember that your shadow,

Your darkness,

Your light,

Your wounds,

Your scars,

Your gifts,

Gave you the credibility, the qualification, the certificate to grant you the power to rule your kingdom.

All because you remembered…

Love Is The Sovereignty Of Debris.