Renee Mayne

Here’s the thing that gets missed when we feel lost in life.

One, you probably don’t even realise it.

HOWEVER you’ll know the symptoms of it,

First, let me explain what happens…

Imagine you’ve got all the wheels spinning and you’re tied to the wheels,

That’s how we are in life, we’re spinning with not one wheel, but ALL the wheels.

A director can’t direct if they’re on the stage.

You can’t drive the car if you’re tied to the wheels of the car.

Now think about when you walk into a theme park, you take a moment to stand back and observe the layout, the thrill factor and check in to see what you FEEL like doing first before you run off and enter into the theme park.


No, they don’t usually have a hunger to become a Dominatrix, but they do have a hunger to devour, taste and enjoy life.

BUT… what happens when one of the wheels falls off or an actor on stage breaks a leg?

You look around and notice that all the wheels begin to fall off and the storyline no longer works.

Now, if the driver is tied to the wheels or the director is on the stage, they’re lost, potentially hurt and doesn’t know what to do next.

LUCID LIVING is claiming your seat in the theatre and the driver’s seat.

We can’t melt into life when we’re hardwired to the pulse, we need perspective, space, detachment and deep trust.

To become lucid in life is to have the awareness to ALL layers of consciousness!

To activate ALL your senses.

LUCID LIVING is to see what’s happening around you AND within you, and you can consciously choose each moment from a centred, eloquent and transpersonal space.

Take a moment to think about what this means for you?

Now let’s talk about the symptoms… (you may have one all several)

  • You probably have a rebellious- “that’s not me, that’s BS” feeling inside you right now.
  • You feel people around you don’t get you, support you or know you.
  • You feel stuck and don’t know what to do or where to start.
  • You don’t trust yourself to make decisions.
  • You’ve had a series of people/ experiences that keep unfolding for you and just the faces/ places change.
  • You crave affirmation and validation from others.
  • You hunger to really feel life and not just exist in it.
  • You get the thing and you still want more.
  • You are constantly people-pleasing and/ or feeling like you’re not enough or a fraud.
  • You have a deep desire to do something amazing and you’re hiding.

Maybe the wheels have come off and you’re ready for a NEW SET OF WHEELS!!!

Whatever it is for you I invite you to ask yourself this…

What do I hunger for right now?

Who am I when I don’t need anyone or anything and they don’t need me?

And if you feel ready to become a Dominatrix of your life and a submissive to the universe, ping me and I give you some info.