Are You Making These 3 Mistakes In Your Business?

are you making these 3 mistakes in YOUR business-
There is no growth in business if there is no growth of self.

The truth is, not everyone is cut out to be in business and in my 21 years in the business arena I have discovered, experienced and made mistakes. Let me take you on a personal journey and as I do, ask yourself am I working with my business or am I working against it?

The biggest lessons you will learn about business.

  1. Are you smart enough?

People have perceptions and questions about what it takes to be in business,

Am I “qualified” enough?

Am I smart enough?

Do I have what it takes to be successful?

We ask ourselves the wrong questions. I am about to make a bold statement.

“The academically smart make great employees.”

One of my biggest lessons in life and business is that smart has many facets.

I have felt “stupid” most of my life; I have no clue about what is going on in the world, because I am happier without it. My spelling and grammar is terrible, deal with it. But when my little girl came to me uncontrollably upset and I ask her what is wrong and she tells me she is stupid, it’s game on.

I say, “Honey, if I know anything, I know that smart looks differently to everybody. We just need to find out what makes us smart, because NO ONE is exempt from that. If I give you anything as a Mother, I want it to be the ability to love yourself no matter what!”

People have made me feel stupid so many times over years and they make me doubt myself… Do you know what? They aren’t even in the fucking arena. They’re the ones that are watching their own life on the sidelines. Their not even really doing what they love, they are in a job they hate, in an unhappy marriage and pretending their life is great.

For someone so “smart” that is just dumb.

So I urge you to ask better questions about business. Ask yourself this.

  1. Am I hungry enough to make this happen?
  2. Am I prepared to do the work?
  3. Am I willing to delve deep and create my own destiny?
  4. Am I passionate about this business to never give up?
  5. Am I prepared to fail and know that it’s OK and to get back up?
  6. Am I “smart” enough to NOT LISTEN to people who comment when they aren’t even in the race?
  7. Does the thought of my NOT doing this make me feel ill?

Anyone can do it, but DO YOU WANT TO?

  1. Are You Copy and Pasting Your Business?

…Notice how every shopping centre looks the same?

…Every business coach or service based business “becomes and Author” and follows the exact same process that was taught to them by their coach.

…Notice the websites that don’t have an “about” page and it’s just another online store, with no personality?

…Every event becomes the next sell fest.

… Hang on, I want to redo my website, but let’s wait to see what Marie Forleo is doing and we can rip off hers.

…Every blog is link building, not linking, no- follow, follow, 500 words, 1000 words, publishing content every day, no no it’s every week… hang on a minute now it’s about quality content.

Stand OUT from the noise, don’t contribute to it. The world doesn’t need anymore beige.

My lesson.

The more time you spend looking out your “competitors” or what everybody else is doing, is the more you are robbing your customers and yourself of an amazing experience. The very thing you think you do badly or is your biggest flaw needs to become your most frequently used weapon. It will become your most useful gift.

We cannot look for inspiration from others, in comes from within and the more we tune into that station, the more sound we have in the marketplace.

  1. Don’t REACT to the market; create a vision that is bigger than the problem.

It’s really easy to fall into this trap when we listen to people from the sidelines, constantly look at our “competition” and spend too much time in Facebook groups.

When we react in business it’s when we go from week to week, like when you live pay check to pay check. You can’t move forward because we have this short-term vision. “What can we do this week to bring in some sales?”

Think bigger. 

There are two sides to business, what is happening “real time” and what we are creating and doing NOW to grow our vision.

This is a tough gig when it’s only you in your business; it’s the working in versus on. An unhealthy balance in either direction will send your business off track.

When you do realise you are swept up in this cycle it’s really important to make time to stop and reassess your business. Get a mentor. A good one. A freakishly gifted one. Know one?

I do.

Use my talent, my gifts and my 21 years of experience to get you off this wheel and into the flow and rhythm of your own beat, using your own gifts.

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