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I believe you were drawn to this page for a reason, so stick around because an unorthodox and freakishly gifted visionary cannot have an average “about page”… Things are about to get interesting!

Everything I do here at Renée Mayne Pty Ltd (RM) is based on pure love, because I wholeheartedly believe that anything and everything is possible. Listen to the whispers and those little nudges; combine that with a super strong desire and hunger to live your best life.

My obsession with self-help, personal development and spirituality began when I was 21 years old and had developed what was the beginning of cervical cancer, after I promised myself that I would break the cycle and do whatever I had to do in order to change my violent abusive life into one that is filled with love and where dreams do come true. And I did.

I am a country girl who has always had big dreams, travelling the world and going from job to job, trying to “fit” in… I always got bored really quickly, and loving what I do has always been paramount in my life, whether it be selling pies or speaking to thousands of people. I have done and experienced a lot throughout my time in business and had a variety of opportunities. From best selling Author, presenting on a TV show, being featured with the worlds leading experts in personal development, working with our most trusted brands and creating Australia’s largest independent lingerie resource. In all honestly I rarely mention it…anywhere and to anyone!

A friend said to me You have done so much and most people would never even know, I have been in business for a long time and worked with many coaches and no one can do what you do. It took me ages to discover that about you! You’re hiding…” That was hard to hear because I feel like I am everywhere!

It really got me thinking…

Honestly, being a best selling Author is something that I hold in such high regard and I kinda feel like it’s now become the “thing” to do, so I don’t talk about it. I don’t promote the fact that my little company is a multi six figure business, because the whole “6 or 7 Figure Coach and Mentor” makes me want to vomit. Not to mention that every second person is a “speaker” and yet they are unable to take me away when they’re on stage. Don’t even get me started on the whole “Heart Centred, Intuitive and Authentic Business” wave that is happening at the moment. I said a long time ago that I was done promoting how “fabulous” I am, I want to SHOW people how fabulous I am…

In doing that, I become noise, I become beige and that was the last thing I wanted to do.

When I am on stage I want to take people away, I want to ignite a fire inside of them so they remember just how incredible they are, I don’t want to stand up there and tell them about how fabulous I am… I want them to use my experiences so they can awaken theirs, to remember their dreams, to discover that anything is possible WHEN you own who you are, as you are and you can absolutely live an amazing life and create an amazing business… when you break out of the one size fits all business structure that is flooding the internet.

Tell me how you can really stand out and sing your song when you are following the same model as everyone else? Success and freedom look differently to everybody.

Frustrated with as vast as vocabulary is, I could not find words that expressed the love in my heart and just how freaking amazing I am! I asked some of my clients to describe me and what I do, because words where failing me…

One said “Whatever you say, you must add the fact the you don’t ‘coach’. You have done it, built it and live it. You are honest, authentic and vibrant and this is what I was drawn to.”


Another said “You are my Business and Spirit Guide”

Another said “You were a catalyst, and impetus for my personal and business development.  You advocated for me, with me. You introduced me to the best part of who I am.  I felt heard, I felt supported and I felt respected.”

All I can say is, when I am in, I am ALL in… I am NOT interested in mentoring the masses or creating a “make money while you sleep” legacy (although most of my clients do). I want MY work to mean something; something impactful… something that I know will transform your life. Whether it is via the stage, workshops, masterminds, mentoring or my personal development programs, I have a raw, open, vulnerable and beautiful connection with my community and it is one that I do not take light heartedly.


I cultivate, transform and ingeniously change the lives and businesses of my clients in a way that is practical, powerful and sustainable… That varies from person to person because I work on the fact that there is no one like you, so you need something that is aligned to you.

It’s really quite brilliant…


 It is from this space that I create the most sacred, savvy and strategic business concepts because it gives me the ability to take my 23 years of business experience and transmute it into something that is so powerful you are immediately living your life in your truth… abundance. 


You and I need to connect if…

  1. You are looking for a transformational speaker, I am being described as a performer and the nirvana all speakers. *That was pretty cool!
  2. You want to start a business and be happy.
  3. You are stuck and feeling overwhelmed and don’t know what to do.
  4. You want to cut through all the self-limiting bull shit and really make a difference to the world.
  5. You know that unless you step up you can’t make a difference in any real meaningful way.
  6. You have a niggle to do something, but you don’t know what it is…


You can make a difference to the world around you, but are you feeling like you could be doing so much more? You’re watching everyone else in your field find success and who are making their mark on the world; you’re wondering why it’s not happening to you?

Take solace and know that they are in your awareness because the universe sees you as being capable of doing the same thing.


privacy We love and respect you, therefore would never spam you.

What if I told you there is a more direct, enjoyable and easy route? Where you feel good, because you are in alignment with your purpose and passion AND there is nothing sleazy or pushy about it.

  • We identify your natural unique gifts
  • I use powerful, cutting edge tools and programs that have the ability to cut through all the layers to get to what is right for you.
  • It’s in absolute flow and rhythm for you.
  • We create the most influential and impactful business model just for you.
  • Market strategy and sales funnel just for you.
  • How to package and price in a way that best serves your clients and allows you to live life.

It’s the merge of being and becoming that brings us abundance and then we can live every day in absolute happiness and fulfilment.

I go against the status quo and do things differently.

I help you create a life and business that is 100% based on natural alignment, intuition and a strong business background.

I am the founder of Australia’s largest lingerie resource Bra Queen, I love lingerie because it empowers women and it’s the freedom of self-expression. When women feel empowered that’s the beginning of living life wide-awake.

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privacy We love and respect you, therefore would never spam you.



Renée Mayne




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